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dragon2611dragon2611 Member
edited February 2017 in Outages

has Bunnycdn just died, it looks like is not responding.

Trying to figure out if it's just me (I was moving the VM that hosts the origin for one of the sites I use them for) or if it's them as I also can't get to their site and the DNS for the Zone doesn't resolve from home so guessing their DNS has gone bang and the timing is a co-incidence


  • How about writing to their support first?

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  • @jimaek said:
    How about writing to their support first?

    1) I actually have regarding something else and they've not yet replied to that and even if I opened a case for this it would probably just end up in a queue

    2) Because for "is X down or is it me" it's quicker to ask somewhere like here and have someone else try X and confirm if it does or does not for for them.

    Either way it appears to be working now.

  • Maybe @BunnySpeed will be so kind and answer your question, even though you didn't put in a ticket. :P

  • perryoo11perryoo11 Member
    edited February 2017

    Hostname is not configured


    It seems that the hostname has not been configured with BunnyCDN yet. If you are >the administrator, please check your BunnyCDN account configuration or contact customer >support if you believe this is an error on our side. Please note that it can take up to a minute >before the Pull Zone configuration is synced to all the edge servers.

    working here

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  • BunnySpeedBunnySpeed Member, Provider
    edited February 2017

    Our backend had a bit of a hiccup yesterday due to a database issue, but the CDN system itself was not affected as far as I've seen. The reason for failing DNS might be that one of the DNS servers was down as a result, however the other ones were all running and handling the fallback. Might be that nginx cached the IP of your origin server.

    If this you're still experiencing a problem you might indeed want to send us an email. We actually prioritize any network / issues over anything else so it wouldn't just end up in a queue.

    BunnyCDN - Make your website as fast as a bunny

  • @BunnySpeed How long does your CDN caches the files without checking the origin server? I can't find any option to set the cache duration in your dashboard.

  • BunnySpeedBunnySpeed Member, Provider

    We follow the Cache-Control headers that your server returns, however we can override this for you. We will be adding this shortly into the control panel, but intil then you can send me a PM here or to our support email.

    BunnyCDN - Make your website as fast as a bunny

  • It's fine if it obeys the Cache Control Header of the origin. But it would be nice if you add an option in dashboard to control the cache duration.

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