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Xservers and hostkey reviews ?
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Xservers and hostkey reviews ?

They have good support ? I am confused and need help. Which one to go with for better service. and hostkey


  • Any help pls ?

  • cociucociu Member, Provider

    hello , i am from romania, i strong sugest xservers , is one of the top player here for the local service , now if you look international traffic i sugest to open a tiket and talk directly with him.

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  • Used HostKey around 3-4 years ago with a VPS in Russia, got recommended by someone with a Dedicated Server in their Russian facility. Always found them to be some-what reasonable to deal with, their English was lacking at times but everything was answered very promptly.

    Not used Xservers.

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    Ex-Sys Admin

  • UrDNUrDN Member
    edited February 2017

    I had a client who used two bare metal servers from in the Netherlands.

    The experience was quite awful.

    The hardware was cheap crap, memory modules and hard drives have been failing very often and it was very difficult to get them replaced. Even though you tell them precisely where the faulty hard drive is plugged they will manage to replace the wrong one.

    Despite using Russian with the support, they get clueless at the slightest technical challenge.

    They had a lot of bandwidth issues, they were also unable to provide any solution and I suspect they were expecting clients to not notice it.

    When asked about IPv6, the typical answer was "We have enough IPv4".

    The client eventually moved to which has been okish for bare metals, but not for virtual machines and IPv6.

    Thanked by 1Flashgame - ISP in Ukraine.

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