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Atom N2800 dedicated servers from $25/month
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Atom N2800 dedicated servers from $25/month

rds100rds100 Member
edited May 2013 in Offers

We are introducing our new line of small dedicated servers - the "Eco2 -Atom N2800".
The CPU is Atom N2800 (2 cores, 4 threads, 1.86GHz) and can have either 2GB or 4GB of DDR3 RAM.

The plan:

As you can see there are multiple options for storage, the smallest is 30GB SSD, the largest is 2 x 3TB HDDs. The options are too many to be listed here, everyone can check them on the plans link. The difference from the old plan (the Eco1) is that this one can have up to two 3.5" HDDs.

Servers location: Varna, Bulgaria

These are the links to the previous offers, for your reference:

Some background: Company name Telecoms Ltd., registered in it's current form since 1998. Operating own network - AS16154. RIPE LIR since 2000. Our main business is ISP.

Currently sales of the dedicated servers are handled under the FitVPS brand.

The previous promotions are over, so here is a new promotion:
Use the coupon code FreeUSBKey16GB to get a free 16GB USB stick attached to your
server. Ideal for temporarily storing backups, etc. The promotion expires on May 31st 2013.

To get this server You should not order directly on the website, instead you PM me if you are interested and i will tell you how to proceed.
Normally we should do ID verification for the dedicated servers and i don't like this at all. So i am going to take personal responsibility for the few persons who will get this offer, however i also get to choose who can get it and who can't. I will check your past history on LET, etc. to decide if you
are eligible for skipping the ID verification.
Still full MaxMind and phone verification is mandatory for all orders.

Respected LET community members get preference.
Current or past customers with account in good standing get preference.
Registered companies get preference.

Here is what the different HDD options currently means (not guaranteed to be the same in the future):

250GB 2.5" 5400RPM HDD  Seagate ST9250315AS
750GB 2.5" 7200RPM HDD  Seagate ST9750420AS
1TB Enterprise 3.5" HDD  Seagate constellantion ES ST1000NM011
2TB 3.5" HDD   Seagate SV35 ST2000VX000
3TB 3.5" HDD   Seagate SV35 ST3000VX000
120GB SSD   Intel 520 series

Remote power management is included (power OFF / power ON / power cycle).
Installs are automated, via the NOC-PS system. We can help with the initial installation in case it is something not handled by NOC-PS.
Windows is not available.

This plan comes with either 1 IP address or 5 IP addresses for free. However if you want more than 1 IP address a subnet will be assigned to you according to the RIPE rules, which means your name and other details will be publicly visible in the RIPE database. There is no privacy option for the
RIPE database.

I am sure there are many questions that i haven't thought of, so ask and i will try to answer.

This offer will currently be posted on LET only.

Some other information: test-ip -
Looking glass:
Network info:

Stay tuned for some other offers in the future. We are testing more configurations, with different CPUs, more HDDs, etc.



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