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How to get a CentOS ISO - No install , preconfigured?
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How to get a CentOS ISO - No install , preconfigured?

Just started playing around with virtualization (KVM), I was wondering how do providers create unattended / custom OS installs? Specifically for CentOS. Right now, when I create a VM, I mount the ISO and then run through the install steps manually. so cheap


  • They image the virtual server's virtual hard disk.

    wget && bash


  • launchvpslaunchvps Member, Provider

    Depending on the platform, there are different ways to do it. There are also some generic ways like using a PXE server and kickstart files.

    Are you using a specific platform like SolusVM or something else? I can give you some pointers if needed.

    It is usually fairly easy, just can take time to build them for many OSs as well as continuing to keep them up to date.

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