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Different php versions same apache server
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Different php versions same apache server

vladincvladinc Member
edited May 2013 in Help

Hi there
I have php 5.4 on my server , but I have a script which is a bit old and can't run on 5.4..
Is there any way to run 5.3 or 5.2 on the same server , without messing up my other sites, running ok on 5.4 ? - freelance web and graphic design


  • marcmmarcm Member
    edited May 2013

    @vladinc - Pretty simple: Run PHP using FasCGI and write a fcgi wrapper and use it to lauch what ever PHP version you have. The basic idea is pretty simple.

    I'd post an example however I've switched to Nginx a while back and never looked back.

  • vladincvladinc Member

    Not sure how to do it..
    Could you point me to some examples..
    I am running CentOS 5.9 with Apache 2 - freelance web and graphic design

  • ihatetonyyihatetonyy Member
    edited May 2013
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  • vladincvladinc Member

    Thank you..
    I will give it a try :) - freelance web and graphic design

  • Why can't you just update the script to work with 5.4? Changes from 5.2 and 5.3, which is what you're asking for, aren't incredibly major where you can't just go in and alter your script.

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  • alexalex Member

    @sajanNOPPIX said: Why can't you just update the script to work with 5.4?

    1. because it works
    2. because it takes resources
    3. because it takes time
    4. because of the current arrangement
    5. because code is obfuscated

    I could go and go and go for a looooong time

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  • johnlth93johnlth93 Member
    edited May 2013

    u can have multiple php version under 1 apache server
    not sure how exactly but can be done by mime type or something similar
    Eg. .php4 to run php 4.x .php to run php 5.x

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