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    GamerTech24GamerTech24 Member
    edited January 2017 in General

    So I am from the US and want to use OVHs Email, web hosting and domain services, previously I did this all through However, as of recent (I don't know if they layed off people in their Ireland office or not) the support times have taken 2x as long than their Canada server support and I can't call them because my phone albeit supporting long distance texting for free doesn't support long distance voice calls. Right now their manager won't correctly generate a purchase order to let me add a domain to their DNS and gives me an "Internal call failed" error, and their support hasn't gotten back to me to fix that yet.

    My idea was to make an account and when they ask for verification I send them my passport. It is a US passport but for all intents and purposes it is an international form of ID and they state that they accept passports as a valid verification method. Does anyone think this will work? As far as I know their UK support is just about as active as their CA ones are which would in return give me faster support in the end.

    For reference to use their WEB/Database/Domain, etc services with a US State ID card they make you go through, but I have a valid, non expired passport too which would serve as an ID in a lot of countries so hopefully


    • WSSWSS Member

      I, too, tried to setup with In response, they cancelled my order a couple days after sending them my information. Good luck.

      I won't be back until @bsdguy is released.

    • has recently increased prices from what I remember, so its probably more expensive.

    • GamerTech24GamerTech24 Member
      edited January 2017

      @WSS said:
      I, too, tried to setup with In response, they cancelled my order a couple days after sending them my information. Good luck.

      Yeah when I originally signed up and tried to give them a US ID they cancelled my order and told me to go to instead, if I tried again using my passport I'd probably have to go back and forth with them a few times

    • WSSWSS Member

      They'll still end up doing the same damn thing.

      I won't be back until @bsdguy is released.

    • NekkiNekki Moderator

      As has been said, hiked prices 20% last month, so if you can order from somewhere else, you should.

      Here lies Nekki. He loved massive amounts of storage, K-Pop and calling people cunts.

    • WSCallumWSCallum Member, Provider

      Pretty sure its for UK customers only, indeed .ie is the one for international customers.

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    • Luke007Luke007 Member
      edited January 2017

      I bought a domain from last month. My order went through without verification. However, I did send my ID later for exemption of VAT. I am from India. So is probably not restricted just to UK customers.

    • GamerTech24GamerTech24 Member
      edited February 2017

      I'll let you guys know how it goes, companies like don't have any issues with this so I assume that if I am able to provide my passport which is a valid photo ID and can be used in the UK for verification, only thing is US passports don't have your address on it but I assume they can also get that from payment methods, etc.

      I really don't think they'd be like "no you aren't a UK citizen who has a billing address in the UK, you can't use our services" when I could like get cellphone service in the UK as a US citizen with the same info, etc. They can't be that strict but I don't really expect much at this point

    • I opened a .ie account without any ID or anything, no issues. But I haven't ordered any servers on it since I use my .us account for that.

      #lexit spread the word.

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