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Automated container based infrastructure
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Automated container based infrastructure

I want to build myself some container based infrastructure on top of the VPS and old hardware that I have and I want it to run with the least amount of maintenance I can get away with putting into it.

I don't have any design principles in mine for what goes in each container. I don't know if they should just a network protocol or a self contained virtual appliance.

Right now, I like ansible to do provisioning and lxc for containers. I don't like using docker because seems too labor intensive for one guy.


  • jhjh Member

    If you can manage Ansible, I'm sure you'll be fine with Docker. This is exactly what it's for, in fact. There are other container technologies, all based loosely on similar technology, but Docker is the one for minimal effort.

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Moderator

    Oflameo said: I want to build myself some container based infrastructure

    I think being anti-Docker in this kind of situation is the wrong attitude. Saying no to Docker in general is just a tech choice, but if you're committing to going to a "container-based infrastructure" then why ignore the 800# gorilla in that space?

    You might want to look at Kubernetes as well.

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  • I don't think Docker is inherently bad. It's just usage of it and bad choices can yield poor results. Image sizes for example, people generally go for the most convenient thing or don't realize it is based on layers and end up with a huge image size.

    As for orchestration there's many tools. Rancher isn't bad. It's pretty and seems to get the job done. Kontena is a nice simple one (CLI based). What I'm watching and optimistic for is Nomad. It's lacking real networking support right now, though.

    That being said you can deploy from Ansible to systems and use that for orchestration. You don't get health checks, automatic spin-up of instances, that sort of stuff though.

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