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How can someone sell windows vps for $4/month

How can someone sell windows vps for $4/month

gonduriyagonduriya Member, Silenced
edited January 2017 in Help

I discovered a while ago that people sell windows server 2008 vps on seoclerks for just $4/month!!!

specs are also good: 2cpu, 4GB ram.60 gb hdd.

here is one of them's link

I wonder how on the earth is it possible... I know some affordable dedicated servers provider and they charge high enough that $4 windows vps package cannot seem realistic.

for example: on one node with 32GB ram... one can only host 8 vps{with 4 gb ram} that is 8*4 = 32$. now we need to calculate seoclerk's commmision which is 20%. so after commission there will only be ~$26 left.

does anyone provide dedicated server with 32GB ram and 500Gb hdd for less than $26????

I want to mention here that windows vps cant run on openVz so these can't be oversold much.


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