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1 Gbps on XX TB Vs 1 Gb Unmetred
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1 Gbps on XX TB Vs 1 Gb Unmetred

TomzTomz Member
edited January 2017 in General


I need something that need to be cleared as i have some wrong info need to be corrected

Case 1 : 20TB Monthly Data Transfer on 1 Gbps Port

Mean ( outbound Traffic max is 20 TB + inbound Traffic max is 20 TB )

or( outbound + inbound Traffic ) < 20 TB

( outbound only ) < 20 TB , inbound unmetred ?

Case 2 : 1 Gbps unmetred

but 1 Gbps unmetred mean
( outbound + inbound Traffic ) < 1 Gbps

( outbound only ) < 1 Gbps

( outbound max push 1 Gbps + Inbound max push 1 Gbps in same time as it's Full duplex port )

Case 3 : Example OVH
Basic SP server come with this :

Network connection : 1 Gbps

Bandwidth OVH to OVH : 1 Gbps

Bandwidth OVH/Internet : 500 Mbps

Bandwidth Internet/OVH : 1 Gbps

mean i will take example we are communicating to non OVH to other DC...

that mean :
( outbound + inbound Traffic ) < 500 Mbps

( outbound max push 500 Mbps + Inbound max push 1 Gbps in same time )

if you are using like 300 Mbps inbound , you can only push < 200 Mbps in outbound ?

Thank you


  • @Tomz

    Case 1 answer:

    It depends on the provider.
    Some providers don't charge for incoming traffic, while others do.

    Case 2 answer:

    Will mean up to 1gbps, unless they tell you it's a dedicated network port.

    Case 3 answer:

    I'm not sure, but I think it's 500mbps both directions.

    Thanked by 1Tomz

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  • Full duplex port can usually go full speed in both directions.

    In the LET world, unmetered 1gbit means that's the shared port speed but you won't get anything like that to the outside internet. There won't be any limit on the amount of data you can push, but it will be much slower than 1gb/s on average. That can work for you if you want to move a ton of data: you're hogging the port but that's what it's there for. If your requirements are smaller a bw cap may be better, since it means you're not sharing the port with as many hogs, so you can possibly get better speed when you do use it.

    An actual 1gbps internet connection costs from 100's to 1000's per month, depending. You can push that much from some AWS instances but you pay through the nose for it.

    #lexit spread the word.

  • TomzTomz Member
    edited January 2017

    I'm not talking about shared port or price or premium bandwidth ,
    i know every Transit bandwidth like Cogent price is different than level3 than Telia....

    but is just need answer for my question above

    Thank you

  • anyone ??

  • ContraWebContraWeb Member
    edited January 2017


  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider
    edited January 2017

    @Tomz said:
    anyone ??

    You got your answer. ISP dependant.

    As for OVH, you get 1Gbit inbound and 500Mbit+ outbound, usable at the same time (thus FD).

  • WilliamWilliam Member, Provider

    @ContraWeb said:
    There is no such thing as Unmetered bandwidth, there's always a limit.

    Unmetered != Unlimited, pls...

  • ContraWebContraWeb Member
    edited January 2017

    @Houston_Datum said:

    @Wicked said:
    "Unmetered" - biggest lie in the hosting industry.

    @ContraWeb said:
    There is no such thing as Unmetered bandwidth, there's always a limit.

    Not necessarily true unlimited might be a sales gimmick but un metered basically means the hosting company isn't monitoring the amount of bandwidth your using there might be a cap on the uplink but not the amount flowing in or out.

    Definition of Un Metered
    Definition of Unlimited

    That's what I meant.

    Thanked by 1Houston_Datum
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