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IPXCORE - 192mb OpenVZ, with 10gb HD and 500gb transfer, for $1.25/month!
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IPXCORE - 192mb OpenVZ, with 10gb HD and 500gb transfer, for $1.25/month!

DamianDamian Member
edited May 2013 in Offers

Tired of poor quality of service from The Other Guys? Come to IPXcore! We have great service and great true 24/7 support; you'll love us!

Our service for New York is out of Colocrossing Buffalo (350 Main).

Some company info:
We've been up and running since May of 2011. We're running OpenVZ virtualization on our very own Dell, HP, and Supermicro -powered hardware.
Each server node has its own 100mbit connection.
Past-30-days support ticket mean response time: 0 Day(s) 0 Hour(s) 16 Minute(s) and 14 Second(s)

The offer:

192mb of RAM
32mb of vSwap
10gb of disk space
500gb of monthly transfer
1 IPv4 address
Buffalo, NY location


Click HERE to order! This is a stock-limited offer, and is limited to new orders.

FYI: As outlined in the AUP/TOS ( ), all new registrations MUST be made with verifiable postal address information. Repeating your province/state in the address fields will cause your account to be suspended til you update your account information. These plans are auto-verified with Maxmind;_ if you get auto-tagged for fraud, please open a support ticket for resolution. _ All plans are also subject to manual verifications.

You are encouraged to exercise the 3-day trial period (outlined in in the Billing section ) and determine if this service will be right for you.

Buffalo test ip:

We also do custom plans. Please contact us with your requirements.


  • FreekFreek Member

    Oh God yes, I NEED this ;)

    Linux noob willing to learn.

  • halhal Member

    Do you have special offer for San Diego VPS?;)

  • DamianDamian Member

    @hal said: Do you have special offer for San Diego VPS?;) should still be active... we're not doing the "budget" series there due to much higher IP costs.

  • alvynoalvyno Member
    edited May 2013

    get fraud message.
    can you help me...?

    fast support for admin..
    get status pending after i create ticket.
    now i have paid my vps.. after that my vps is active :D

    many thank,


  • MycroftMycroft Member

    I'm in

  • sonicsonic Member

    do you have private ip for free bw beetween 2 vps

    Shared: Smallweb | VPS: NexusBytes, HostHatch, VirMach, InceptionHosting
    Gapps legacy 100/200 users cheap 4 sale. PM

  • DamianDamian Member

    @sonic said: do you have private ip for free bw beetween 2 vps

    If you're willing to work with us to set it up, yes. We haven't had customers ask for it in the past, so we haven't set any up yet.

  • taronyutaronyu Member

    I can really recommend them, got several servers (at all times atleast 1) there and support is nice and fast. And they just want to go a extra mile for you. Better support than anywhere else and for that price... I just can't complain about them ^^ - Server and website monitoring. Free to use!

  • Yes, hello.

    This is skirttight and I approve this message.

  • how about ipv6 ?

  • DamianDamian Member

    @kluncrit said: how about ipv6 ?

    Not yet.

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