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Front Range Hosting, SolusVM issue?
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Front Range Hosting, SolusVM issue?

ClownJugglarClownJugglar Member
edited May 2013 in Help

Trying to reinstall my VPS today, but SolusVM is just nothing but text... like PHP is broken or something. None of the buttons work, no images are loading etc. Tried from addon-less IE, Chrome, and even installed FireFox to test. I had tried earlier today and it was the same thing. I'm going to put in a ticket, but wanted to make sure it wasn't me first.

@FRH_Corey are you alive? :) screenshot of what I mean.

5-minute-later-not-so-ninja-edit: And I just saw that the guy I share the VPS with (real life friend) and he already put in a ticket a few hours ago. Apparently they are 'working on it'. Sorry wish I knew this before I posted.


  • That looks like the css/js is broken. Hm.

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  • DamianDamian Member

    Same here.

  • I just logged in to put up a ticket but the person I share the VPS with already did. Apparently they are aware of the issue. I updated my post. Sorry to bug. But at least I know it's not me.

  • DStroutDStrout Member

    Offtopic (because LET), but why did you blur the specs? If you've got it, flaunt it.

    You could keep reading this on a site infamous for its ties to (ahem) one particular organization, or you could check out vpsBoard, which has no such ties and tolerates no bullshit. Your choice.

  • mnpeepmnpeep Member

    I think someone deleted some files:
    Unofficial community troll. AMA!

  • ahmiqahmiq Member

    i was with them , after the first 1 hour it started out with issues and i said , no thanks to them. the plans was dirt cheap though , so was the service. but the good thing was , i could set the rdns from the solus. I like it , i wish every provider supports it

  • ClownJugglarClownJugglar Member
    edited May 2013

    @DStrout no reason really. I just have a black box fetish. It's just a 512MB KVM with 10GB disk. :)

    Back on topic (because stuff) it looks like it's working this morning.

  • emgemg Member

    FRH SolusVM panel is good as of this afternoon (Tuesday, 4:15 MDT).

    Regarding their customer support, they have been good to me. I always felt that I get great service and value from Front Range Hosting.

    Disclaimer: No affiliation, other than being a satisfied customer.

  • FRCoreyFRCorey Member

    @ahimq did you ever open a support ticket? Remember the ticket#?

    We moved the master to a faster box and realized after the template is split into two files. We just went back to a default template and tinker with the old one on the dev system for now since 1.14 version of SolusVM has template changes. New system will be easier to template the way we liked it.

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