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Headless Remote Install of CentOS 7
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Headless Remote Install of CentOS 7

jon617jon617 Member
edited January 2017 in Tutorials

Anyone had success installing CentOS 7 on a dedicated server remotely, without access to KVM over IP? I have tried several online howto's, none seem to actually work without some interaction with the bootup screen (which I cannot do).

I have detailed step-by-step instructions that work with CentOS 6 headless VNC install, happy to share it here if anyone wants. CentOS 7 uses a different boot loader (not grub), and I can't seem to figure out a reliable VNC bootup install recipe.

My goal is to do a full upgrade CentOS 6 machines to CentOS 7 at providers that don't offer a KVM-over-IP, and I want to do the install myself.


  • JonchunJonchun Member, Provider

    Easiest way is if your provider offers a rescue mode. You can dd it over.

  • I will look into that.

    Also, maybe I'll just create a USB flash drive here that can start a CentOS 7 install, and start a VNC server with a pre-defined password. Then I could send my provider the ISO image to plug in a flash drive for me. That might be the easiest way for me to get something running.

  • This will work just replace the ISO with CentOS 7's then ope the vnc viewer and install as usual just leave the windows related things off

    And if your provider does DHCP then no problem if not then create an startup script to setup IP's

    Make your choice on your own But i can help you to make them right.

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