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A Simple DNS Solution

A Simple DNS Solution

zonzon Member
edited January 2012 in Tutorials

Recently i bought some 96 and 128 boxes but while setting up dns was a major issue as bind takes lots of memory... then i tried free dns solutions but many of them are out of business or changed to paid services... finally today i found out a solution for this... Shared hosting server as a DNS server !!

Configured one account with my shared hosting provider (with same domain name)... then advanced dns editor changed A record pointing my VPS IP.. then use the shared ns entries...and it is working fine !!!

so i think it is a great idea to use your shared hosting server as a dns server... So my recommendation is setup one primary bind server and use your shared hosting servers are alternative dns servers...

i hope this will help somebody looking for a free dns solution... also let us discuss about the +ves and -ves... expert opinions please........


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