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How many domains/subdomains can handle cpanel?
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How many domains/subdomains can handle cpanel?

Hello guys.

I have a 8GB vps with 4 cores and installed cpanel.
There is only one account but 98 subdomains.
The cpu goes sometimes up to 2. Those are sites under subdomain that have the default wordpress template and 5-15 articles with only one image.

Now the question: can I create 1000/s of those subdomains? Can the vps handle this? Need qualified answeres because the complex seo will work only with 800+ subdomains and not with 799. I dont want to start and then after 200-300 subdomais the vps goes down.

Thanks guys.


  • This is a real "how long is a piece of string?" question.

    The simple answer is, it 'could' handle 800+ the longer answer requires you to provide significantly more in depth information on your setup/sites/caching/hits's/load at peak/why your using such a bloated WP for 5 - 15 articles/are your resources guaranteed/can you predict your VPS neighbors iops/nginx/lightspeed/apache

    I could go on, I don't mean to belittle your question, but a qualified answer required a qualified question.

    If you cant answer 90% of those things then you just need to suck it and see, it is the only way you will find out then adjust from there.

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  • @Jarland might be able to give some insight into how many he has on his CPanel at MXRoute.

  • If it's just for 1 accounts why you need cpanel, just use lemp with bash script to create config

  • HannanHannan Member, Provider

    There is no specific number which you can point out. It is all depends on how heavy usage are the sites/subdomains hosted and how powerful is the server it self. Cpanel it self can host thousands of Domains but once again you can have a heavy website and your server can only handle one website.


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  • WSCallumWSCallum Member, Provider

    I don't think there's really a number on it, there's thousands of hosts out there who have quite substantial server configurations for web hosting and they can host thousands of domains per server, realistically I don't think just domains and cPanel itself would slow down the server drastically until you're hosting a very large amount of domains, but the newest versions of cPanel are well optimized.

    Like has been said previously, it entirely depends on a lot of factors - The hardware available to your VPS, the custom configurations you make to your server software, the amount of concurrent users your websites are seeing, what software your websites are running etc etc.

    There's too many to say. Monitor your server constantly and when you think that performance is affected, either setup another server and have your accounts on multiple servers, or upgrade your current server.

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