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DigitalOcean do-agent vs Nodequery
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DigitalOcean do-agent vs Nodequery

edited December 2016 in Help

I recently received this new update on DigitalOcean and it lets me to monitor a lot of details of the server, including the top processors just as in Nodequery. so I feel like now there is no use of Nodequery as DigitalOcean provides an in-house solution for monitoring the server resources, so I am wondering what are your thoughts about it. is it still worth to keep the Nodequery? as I noticed "do-agent" consumes a bit of CPU compared with nodequery.

DigitalOcean do-agent vs Nodequery
  1. DigitalOcean do-agent vs Nodequery8 votes
    1. DigitalOcean do-agent
    2. Nodequery
    3. Something else (mention in the comments)


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