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Searching for cheap VPS provider with Docker support
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Searching for cheap VPS provider with Docker support


I'm reading LEB and LET for a long time and found really good deals here, but never had a specific question, so that's why I registered after a long time. Generally I am becoming a programmer with some knowledge of configuring servers and I want to learn as much as possible with the cloud technologies, which are amazingly affordable nowadays.

Since I am more or less self-learner I didn't have a chance to work with Docker yet because other things were more important, but at the moment I have an option to extend my current knowledge with it. So I have a little of time to start learning about Docker and everything connected to it. I decided to choose one of the cheaper providers which are also supporting Docker, so that my projects will also be visible to other people and maybe to learn them that, once I will have sufficient knowledge.

My only requirement along public deal (not interested into private deals, because other people will also be interested into such offers if they find this thread) is that yearly price is around 20$ - it's only for learning, so I don't need heavy configuration for beginning (maybe I will be interested into upgrade after some time). The question is which provider with Docker support do you recommend?

I already found Arubacloud which looks pretty ok, but I can't find if their infrastructure would support Docker (also contacted their support, but didn't get the answer). Please help.

Thank you in advance! :)


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