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need opinions
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need opinions

So christmass is coming and no doubts i'll probably see some amazing offers around here from cool providers ;) so thats why im going to put a few bucks on my bank.

The thing is i time to time create different projects [marketplaces/static pages...] etc etc when i feel creative and sometimes these projects get a lot of traffic. Im not such an expert in VPS/Dedicated servers and im recently getting started with terminal aswell.[lol?]

What do you think should i buy every good offer around or should i buy a more powerful vps/dedi to host all my projects at same time. Althought i thought about this but some providers here are tricky as well. Like virmach? The abuse of ram/bandiwdth for more then 5 mins and the fee of 15 dollars that i have to pay isnt that attractive, maybe if i buy different vpss and host my projects at different servers i dont have to worry much about one of them getting suspended?

What do you think

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