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KVM: how much RAM would I need?

KVM: how much RAM would I need?

djvdorpdjvdorp Member
edited November 2011 in General

Hi all,

I have decided that I want to move to a KVM vps. Currently have a 512mb vServer vps from Alvotech (512mb was the lowest they offer) but I want complete OS/kernel freedom and control, that's why I think I want a KVM one. However, free -m only shows a little usage with all sites online now:

         total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
         Mem:           512        148        363          0          0         83
         -/+ buffers/cache:         65        446
         Swap:         2048         41       2006

So my basic question is, how much ram would I need for my KVM vps to buy? I want apache2 running with php5-fpm, mysql, trac and a git server. Nothing too fancy. I can choose between 256mb and 512mb, but 512mb is a lot more expensive.

I know KVM uses some more RAM as the kernel is there too, but I hope somebody could provide me with some good advice.

Regards, Daniel

I use to configure all my VPSes and I love it!



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