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In this Discussion - [EID Offer] openVZ, 2048MB RAM, 100GB HD, 1000GB BW, 1gb/s, $6.99/mo+Storage Avail.(DE) - [EID Offer] openVZ, 2048MB RAM, 100GB HD, 1000GB BW, 1gb/s, $6.99/mo+Storage Avail.(DE)

rskrsk Member, Provider
edited October 2012 in Offers

MyRSK webhosting solutions has recently entered the budget vps market. However, we have been providing webhosting solutions since 2009 locally - in Dubai for young entrepreneurs and startup companies. We are currently holding strong with many happy clients :-)

Our plans include semi-management as well as fully managed - all for free.

Below you can see our two special plans for our LET community, one EID Special and one Storage Special

Eid Special - 2.0 (Germany) 2048MB RAM Guaranteed 100GB HD 1000GB BW @ 1,000mb/s $6.99/month - lowest price guaranteed! order:

Storage Special (Germany) 256MB RAM Guaranteed 512MB RAM Burst 200GB HD 2000GB BW (Node on 1gb/s, vps's are limited to 200mb/s to keep quality overall) $6.99/month - lowest price guaranteed! order:

Check Plans/Order :

5 days money back guarantee, no BS :)

Location: GhostNet, Germany Test IP:

For queries or support please submit a ticket :

Website :

Regards, R. Alkhaili


  • Happy eid adha bro...

    Thanked by 1ErawanArifNugroho
  • rskrsk Member, Provider


    Happy 2nd Day of Eid.

    regards, R. Alkhaili

  • rm_rm_ Member
    edited October 2012

    [EID Offer] openVZ, 1536MB RAM, 150GB HD, 1500GB BW, 1gb/s, $6.99/mo+Storage Avail.(DE)

    @rsk this is in the topic title, but none of the two offers have these specs.

    @rsk said: Test IP:

    Also your test IP is not pingable.

  • rskrsk Member, Provider


    I do apologize about the topic title, at the last minute we decided to upgrade the RAM in the offer.

    The test IP has been updated.

    Our reputation has been going well ever since we started providing our services here, as well as locally.

    Again, I do apologize, regards, R. Alkhaili

  • I wanted to try out, but I noticed the spec or offer changed. so ...

  • rskrsk Member, Provider


    The offer was upgraded to the better, so I do not see why?

    If you have any special requirements, please do let me know - all within LEB prices :)

    regards, R. Alkhaili

  • 38ms from my connection in NE England... Tempted.

    Junior Pen Tester

  • DomDom Member

    Any chance of a test file from the Germany location?

  • hi,

    possible windows with own license ?

  • rskrsk Member, Provider


    These are openvz VPS's, it is not possible to run windows.


    regards, R. Alkhaili

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