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Colocation - Need Suggestions for US West Coast

Colocation - Need Suggestions for US West Coast

ajitajit Member
edited October 2012 in Help

I am thinking of colocating a server in the West Coast. But this is going to be for the first time for me and would like to avoid n00b mistakes! Following are the details:

Machine: Dell R620 2xE5-2690 128 GB RAM 2x146 GB SAS 2x1TB HDD

Needs: This is going to be the primary web server for serving a low latency web application. Bandwidth: Capped at 20TB on 1Gbps port. A bit less or more is fine. Power: Not sure. Would 1 Amp suffice for 2xE5? If not, I may have to go for 2 Amps @110V.

Budget: Max 150USD pm.

Questions: What DCs would you recommend for colocation you seasoned hosting gurus? Is redundant power supply good to have or not required?



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