DNS Software

DNS Software

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I am Looking into creating a larger DNS cluster than I currently have. My current one runs off of a small cPanel DNS Only cluster.

Options i currently am looking at:

cPanel DNS-Only PowerDNS

(Any others you want to recommend)

What i mainly want to know is your opinions of them and what you feel is better about each one.

P.S. I want to host my own DNS, not use a third party Ex.( DNSmadeeasy).



  • Why not use CLOUDFLARE without the cloudflare protection? They are great DNS servers.

  • @Spencer I use cloudflare for my own domains, however this will not be for my own.

  • @Fliphost CloudFlare has an Anycast DNS network and the queries are resolved just super fast. If you are using the cluster for cPanel accounts only then by all means use cPanel DNS-Only, but if you are using it for VPS servers or cPanel and VPS mixed then I would recommend PowerDNS.

  • mpkossenmpkossen Administrator

    Why not set up your own BIND cluster? It's a little harder to set up than cPanel DNS Only (which I believe requires at least 1 cPanel server) but it's really fast and gives you complete control.

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