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LFCVPS: LET-256 for $7.88/quarterly or LET-512 for $5.96/month

LFCVPS: LET-256 for $7.88/quarterly or LET-512 for $5.96/month

jeff_lfcvpsjeff_lfcvps Member
edited October 2012 in Offers

Use the direct order links below -- no promotional code is required



VPS Node Type 1:

  • ASUS Z9PE-D16 Server Motherboard
  • 2 x Hexa-Core Intel Xeon E5-NNNN CPUs with Hyper-Threading
  • 64GB of ECC DDR3-1600 RAM (minimum)
  • Adaptec 6805 w/ write-caching enabled (Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection)
  • 8 x Seagate 15,000RPM 600GB SAS Hard Drives (RAID-6/10)

VPS Node Type 2:

  • ASUS Z8PE-D12 Server Motherboard
  • 2 x Quad-Core Intel E55NN CPUs with Hyper-Threading (16 cores)
  • 48GB Registered ECC DDR-1333 RAM
  • Adaptec 5805 w/ write caching enabled (BBU)
  • 8 x Seagate 6Gb/s 600GB SAS Hard Drives (RAID-10)

Why choose LFCVPS:

  • Parent Company (LFCHosting) has been in business since 1996
  • No overselling
  • You control your rDNS (both IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Includes DNS hosting
  • CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Slackware, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch, Scientific Linux
  • Includes free backups (7 daily, 3 weekly, 1 user controlled) and the ability to securely access them using FTP-SSL or restore them

US Network and Datacenter:

Canadian Network and Datacenter:


We can be reached at sales (at)


  • Pretty sweet deal, purchased a 256 Quarterly. Thanks.

    Hi guys I am going to have a 2 line signature just because I can. Look at this cool signature, its new, its fresh, its cool. Wish I had some affiliate links to put in here or some other moneymaking bullshit. Anyone want to buy this space? Your links here for one low price!

  • This offer is better than the previous offer.

    With additional 2 dollar per year compared to last offer, you can get additional 5GB storage, 100GB bw, 256MB swap....

    And actually can buy with shorter commitment (3months)

  • Whoa nice deal o_0

    This signature is brought to you by the NSA. Spying on the entire world since 1952!

  • Enjoying great service and flexibility from the crew at lfcvps. Responsive to tickets and doing a good job. Recommended!

    "Go cheap on rarely used things"

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