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.com cheaper than namecheap?

.com cheaper than namecheap?

PatsPats Member
edited September 2012 in Domains


want to register 2 .com domains, any site offering cheaper than namecheap or any coupon code



  • I would reccomend GoDaddy if they weren't so shitty.

    Good luck finding a good registar.

    Shane Elmore | Programmer In Progress

  • Namecheap is $10.69/yr godaddy - 12.99 bigrock - 11.99

  • has very cheap prices.

  • anyone lower than 10.69? no 1&1 please..

  • @Pats said: anyone lower than 10.69? no 1&1 please..

    Isn't like $9?

    Shane Elmore | Programmer In Progress

  • Network solutions has some promos around. $1.45 per a domain or something.

  • bnmklbnmkl Member
    edited September 2012

    I would say too @Pats. Especially as complete WHOIS protection is included free. Though another thread mentioned that they are not accepting PayPal now.


  • There is no reason to argue here, sells .com for $8.49. Combine that with their superior support et al, and you never want to use another registrar ever again.

    Thanked by 2bnmkl joepie91
  • MrDOSMrDOS Member
    edited September 2012

    @Cirium Yeah, but IMHO, buying from NS is just as bad as buying from GoDaddy – just for different reasons.

  • and GoDaddy ( using coupon WORLDWIN )

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  • got cheap .com too :D

  • @giang said: got cheap .com too :D

    Personal registar of choice.... they're really good!

    Shane Elmore | Programmer In Progress

  • gianggiang Member
    edited September 2012

    I forgot, still offers $2.99/domain/first year :D (for .com/.net/.org/.us/.biz).

    PS: Their domain control is so crappy :(

  • @Shane_Elmore said: Isn't like $9?

    yeah $8.99 for 1yr.

  • @giang said: still offers $2.99/domain/first year

    ahh... i forgot about ait.. now already registered with :(

  • Well... Good thread to find some domain price suggestion and comparison... Maybe I can start selling domain at this time... :p

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  • +1 for too. They seem to change payment gateways quite frequently, but I typically pay with credit card so it hasn't been a problem for me yet.

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  • How about They're great

    Rg Enzon, a User Interface Designer.
  • dynadot ? I got one for $7.99 for a year yesterday.


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  • (if you could find their promo code)? namesilo?

    I am actually in the process of moving all my domains from namecheap to namesilo, to me they provide the same level of services but namesilo is on average a buck or two cheaper than namecheap (they also have tonnes of 1 dollar off coupon floating around)

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