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Please delete

Please delete

jkr1711jkr1711 Member
edited September 2012 in Domains

Nevermind, silly mistake. Sorry to all; try not to eat me ;)

In seriousness, could someone please delete this. Thanks


  • AsadHaiderAsadHaider Member
    edited September 2012

    I'll take it for $20!

    ..I kid, I kid.

  • jkr1711jkr1711 Member
    edited September 2012

    @AsadHaider Ah you had me there :p

  • TazTaz Disabled

    But, You can not transfer any domain younger than 60 days ?

    Time is good and also bad. Life is short and that is sad. Dont worry be happy thats my style. No matter what happens i won't lose my smile!

  • Ah damn, does that apply to pushing it to another Namecheap account?

  • @jkr1711 Haha sorry, yeah you can push domains between accounts.

  • Ah never mind, could an admin delete this thread? Probably just leave it to sit for a while and wait till things aren't so busy

  • @Spirit said: you're selling it :) How convincing. You're perfect example why I suggested atleast one year old (once renewed) domain before people will be able to sell them here :)

    Yes, looks like an attempt to make a quick buck IMO.

  • @Spirit knew I shouldn't of done it :p probably going to get a bad reputation round here now ::) In all seriousness, I agree with you. Stupid mistake; I'll just keep a hold of it and wait for a bit

    Thanked by 1Spirit
  • DamianDamian
    wonders if moonglowvps, trinsicvps, yewvps, minocvps, etc are available...
    edited September 2012

    /me wonders if moonglowvps, trinsicvps, yewvps, minocvps, etc are available...

  • wat

    Proud member of the VPS Collectors Club

  • OMG I want to play UO again now. :(

    -Joe @ SecureDragon - LEB's Powered by Wyvern in FL, CO, CA, IL, NJ, NC, TX, and AZ
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    Thanked by 1David_P
  • UO! YES ME TO.

  • Can I have Cheeseburger to go! We are the 1st Virtualmin web host to be using PHP-FPM for efficient PHP websites! Shared Hosting, Un-managed VPS, Managed VPS, Minecraft VPS, Dedicated Servers all with excellent support

  • @Damian said: /me wonders if moonglowvps, trinsicvps, yewvps, minocvps, etc are available...

    Hahaha.... Now I have to login Razor :(

    SonicGlass 11 Locations- Amsterdam, Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, , Milan, - VPS Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

  • What is thi.. oh look shiny domains

    - Ishaq
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