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LVM Help

LVM Help

SpencerSpencer Member
edited September 2012 in General

Well I am stuck, I have literally spent all day trying to get this LVM working. Here is my issue

As you can see here df -h


It shows that there is plenty of space. But when I do vgdisplay

My Free PE / Size is very low and it doesn't really work.


If anybody has any help, it would be GREATLY appreciated.


  • prometeusprometeus Member, Provider

    You are looking to diifferent objects. Vgdisplay show the volume group space, vg is used by logical volumes (like the lvo you have) , lv are then used as partitions and mounted.

    Lvo is is using your lvmo space so the vg is full. Lvo is empty.

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  • rskrsk Member, Provider

    @Spencer are you just trying to create the requirements for xen/kvm as per solusvm's wiki?

    I mean as an empty VG and PE size of 32M?


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