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ServPHP - Ajax Beta !

ServPHP - Ajax Beta !

SpeedBusSpeedBus Member
edited October 2011 in Reviews


After the latest version of ServPHP, with the icons and re-arrangement of status output, We have started work on a beta version which has :

  1. Ajax Refresh - Now no more full page refresh's, stats update automatically every 10 seconds.
  2. Ping to server ! - Useful for Game Servers, Users can directly check their ping to the server where ServPHP is installed, without using CMD or CLI.
  3. Ping to other server ! - Now you can keep a constant watch on your other servers by viewing their ping BETA
  4. Directly view graph details - Earlier you had to wait for many seconds before the graph got you some information, now the CPU graph has information already loaded for about ~10 seconds as soon as it loads !

Can you guys checkout the new version ?

Please leave some feedback/review/suggestions :)

If you want a copy to try on your server I'll surely provide you with one, I'll also be releasing it on Google Code sometime this week after I get some feedback :)


  • I can suggest:

    • To remove icons and use bold and coloured titles. I think since the data is text driven, a good classification is sufficient to make it easy to read.
    • Graph width, better be reduced to 50 percent, also height can be reduced a little.
    • An additional RAM and CPU graphs would be nice imo.

    ☻☻ VPS ☺ as of now:- 384-256-128-512x2 ☺☺

  • @Go59954 : I put in the icons after a few requests to make it look nice :P I'll check the graph width etc and try to add another graph there for RAM, like one beside the other.

  • When open the link, I only see the blank page, on both FireFox 7 and Iron 14 :(

  • @giang : Give it about 10 seconds to render the graph :) Iron 14 :P

    It will load after 10 seconds :D

  • SpeedBus said: @giang : Give it about 10 seconds to render the graph :) Iron 14 :P

    It will load after 10 seconds :D

    Saw them now :P

  • @giang : How does it look ? Does it update the stats every ~10 seconds ? The whole page wont reload, just the stats may change :)

  • It would be nice if one could scroll down. I can only see half of the site on my netbook without and scrollbars available.

  • @kylix : I too just noticed that ! I tried it on my friends netbook, and it's only showing half :(

    I'll create a index.htm or index.html with a iframe which loads the script :) Hope it scrolls then.

  • Does not scroll down in FF7 either. Well at least my Slack 13.37 FF7 it does not. Need to have some load on the server so we can see the graph. Size of Graph could be slimmed quite a bit. Both in height and width.

    Other then those things looks cool.

    AuroraZero's Web | AVM | Available for System Security Work PM Me | Have YOU heard of the Machine?

  • SpeedBusSpeedBus Member
    edited October 2011

    @AuroraZ & @kylix : Give it a try now ?

    If you want to see some stats on the graph check this :

    It will always have some load displayed on the graph, as that VPS is on a loaded node.. while is on a less loaded node, so getting a graph on this might be difficult..

  • AuroraZAuroraZ Member
    edited October 2011

    It scrolls now which is good. Might add a few more pings to get the average. I would do three packets so the average of the three would be what you base it on. Also when it refreshes in FF7 it takes you back to the top. Which is okay I am just a perfectionist lol.

    AuroraZero's Web | AVM | Available for System Security Work PM Me | Have YOU heard of the Machine?

  • yomeroyomero Member
    edited October 2011

    @SpeedBus I can't see your site in Chrome o_O

    Edit: It doesn't work in any browser u_u Or it won't show anything?

    Edit 2: It works now u_u

  • SpeedBusSpeedBus Member
    edited October 2011

    @AuroraZ : Thanks :D I'll look into the ping, i'll make it about 3 pings :)

    Edit : Done :)

    Try now ?

    @yomero : Give it about 10 seconds to render the graph, and it will show up :D

    Update : Removed the border from the scroll box, looks better now..

  • Updated the code !

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