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Free VPS?

Free VPS?

zhuanyizhuanyi Member
edited September 2012 in Providers

Original WHT thread here:

Link here:

Club FortaTrust

Club FortaTrust is our program for Technology Professionals that provides preferred access to our products and services, while allowing you to receive a 10% cash commission when you provide solutions using our products and services. In addition to this, upon signup we provide you with a Free Cloud VPS instantly that you can use however you choose. So to highlight the benefits:

Program available to all Technology Professionals
Membership is absolutely free
Receive 10% cash commission from residual revenue for all FortaTrust services that are used in solution for your customers, or from any customers referred. You will receive a unique and customized code that can be used when orders are placed, and commissions are paid on a monthly basis via Paypal.
You will receive a Free Cloud VPS that you can use however you choose.
Signup required with an e-mail address from a domain with a website of an active technology company.

Pretty generous resources:

CPU RAM HDD PORT TRAFFIC COST Single Core 2.3 GHz 512MB 10GB 100Mbps 5TB Join Now $0.00

http://BornIn.Asia - FREE shared hosting and subdomain service for LET members! Click here to see how to get one yourself! 96Forum: Low End VPS Discussions. Selling domains with GApp with various user counts (10 year reg incl. for some), PM for details.



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