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Budget DNS hosting with large amount of queries?

Budget DNS hosting with large amount of queries?

winstonwinston Member
edited August 2012 in General

I'm looking for budget DNS hosting (no, not Cloudflare) to host about 20 domains. I'm using Zerigo's free DNS service on 2 domains right now (50k monthly queries) and have had 13k queries in 3 days. I was thinking of getting Zerigo Essential 1 (or even Plus 1) but I'm not sure 1m queries will cover it to be honest. These 2 domains are not the highest traffic domains I have - probably somewhere in the middle. Are there any other quality DNS hosts on a low-end budget?

And no, I'd rather not host my own DNS servers ;)


  • This is PointHQ pricing: image But they don't mention about queries limit / quota

  • I'm looking for US DNS hosting, forgot to mention that

  • @winston said: US DNS hosting

    You mean the server or company?

  • @NanoG6 said: You mean the server or company?

    The server - I'm looking into PointHQ now but the price right there is in euros (or is it pounds?)

  • Errrr... that's Pound I believe. these are their servers: try ping / traceroute

  • Nothing to really write home about, all of them seemed to be above 90ms. Also, $75/yr seems to be a little more than I was looking to spend - it makes more sense to go with Zerigo at $40/yr for 30 domains

  • Hmm yeah I forgot you're looking at budget offer. $75/year is definitely not IMO :)

  • klikliklikli Member
    edited August 2012

    Amazon Route 53:)? Or if not, a combination of HE, GoDaddy and Namecheap:)

    And both Godaddy and Enom provides premium offsite DNS:)

    Selling multiple 2000-user GApps :) Shoot me a message to make an offer.

  • I should mention that I'll be managing several of my clients DNS so something like GoDaddy/Namecheap won't work (I don't own their domains - they simply point their nameservers to what I ask them to and I take care of the rest)

  • TazTaz Disabled

    Get couple of lEB and setup your own DNS?

    Time is good and also bad. Life is short and that is sad. Dont worry be happy thats my style. No matter what happens i won't lose my smile!

  • @Taz_NinjaHawk said: Get couple of lEB and setup your own DNS?

    Not interested in doing that myself at this time, I'd rather just use a reliable/reputable DNS service ;)

  • use those anycast dns. like softlayer, godaddy, or dnsmadeeasy

  • +1 for dnsmadeeasy they are awesome

  • johnjohn Member

    @FTN_Kevin said: +1 for dnsmadeeasy they are awesome

    I second this.

    SSDVirt | SSD VPS Hosting
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