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Need help recovering data, urgent!

Need help recovering data, urgent!

vahevahe Member
edited July 2012 in General

Hey guys, I need some urgent help.

Here's the story: I backed up my user folder to my external HDD, and wiped my ssd. After installing Mountain Lion, I discovered that one of the folder (ironically or not, the most important one) was not fully backed up to the external drive. What options do I have to restore those files from my ssd (after installing the mountain lion on it)?

Any advice is appreciated!

EDIT: Partition type was/is HFS+.



  • TazTaz Disabled

    Please tell me you have a backup portion like windows create when upgrading. If not geek squad.

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  • vahevahe Member

    @NinjaHawk said: Please tell me you have a backup portion like windows create when upgrading.

    What you mean by "backup portion like windows".

  • Try software that can specifically recover deleted items/partitions and hope that it hasn't been overwritten by now. It's gonna be a pain in the ass.

  • JarJar Member

    He means like Windows.old folder. Doesn't apply to a format.

  • vahevahe Member

    @jarland said:

    Good luck.

    Thanks, downloading now....

  • JarJar Member
    edited July 2012

    You'll have to pay but it'll tell you if you can recover what you want first. Pay or pirate (option 1 encouraged), there is no free application that does this effectively to my knowledge.

  • Basically, your fucked.

    SSDs have a thing called TRIM. It's meant to help perfermence by erasing the NANDs of the SSD after you delete (or in your case, format) your disk.

    Unlike mechanicals, which do not do this, recovering your file is hard, since most sectors are most likely wiped to have faster r/w.


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  • vahevahe Member

    :( I need a machine to go back in time.

  • JacobJacob Member

    Don't we all... :)

    Data loss is a bitch..

    @vahe said: :( I need a machine to go back in time.

  • DamianDamian Member

    @vahe said: I need a machine to go back in time.

    Too late now, but this will save you in the future:

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  • On windows, the only software that has helped me so far was ZAR (zero asumption recovery). It managed to get 90% of the lost files, after I restored a whole disk (instead of partition) from image. 1TB of data was lost and managed to get pretty much everything. It took days, though.

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  • vahevahe Member

    Looks like the old files are still there, but not filesystem tree of course. Just by looking at the recovered raw picture files, I'm amazed by the aggressive caching that Chrome does. I can see every avatar, logo, meme, etc. viewed. Even more surprised by iPhoto, which, looks like, caches pictures from any connected iPhone, even if the pictures were not selected to be imported. Wow.

  • Chrome likes to cache anything that loads. @vahe goodluck :']

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