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Testing load

Testing load

edited July 2012 in Help

Anyone got any advice on testing load on Layer7 (application layer) etc.

Are there any legitimate ways to test configurations for layer7 based architectures? (I.E I'm not targeting network capacity, only software capacity, on my own nodes, with my own software, looking for some way to emulate HTTP floods, and everything else in that group of badstuff)



  • PhilNDPhilND Member

    Apache bench? | Premium VPS Solutions | Managed

  • PADPAD Member

    Not using Apache, In terms of webserver I'm using Nginx but that isn't even what I want to test against. I just want to see how some software that I've been developing will hold up under high levels of stress, which seems pretty hard right now (or maybe I'm tired :D).

  • Apachebench doesn't require apache. - The oldest post to host VPS provider
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  • PADPAD Member

    Really? I'll look into it, can't believe I've never used this..

  • I use AB to hammer servers, but generally you have to write some good URL lists to preload it with so you can get legit db dips and all that to get some real input, just hammering whatever http process you're using is not enough.

  • I used siege when doing consulting, it can iterate (even random) across a list of url, use a session cookie (ie simulate a login) and introduce a small latency between request simulating user's thinking time....

    ab is good when I wanted to test effect of changes to a single page (or to simple get absolute speed values).

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  • klikliklikli Member

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  • is nice

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  • Siege?

    A LowEnd* user walks into a bar and asks for a drink. While the bartender pours the drink, the user opens 8 tickets. When the drink is ready, the user opens a 9th ticket demanding to know why the drink isn't free.

  • PhilPhil Member

    Apache JMeter. Provides stress test for web servers, databases (JDBC), mail servers... with scripting features.

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  • you can try : Load UI AB httperf JMeter

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