One vps as storage for another

One vps as storage for another

JarJar Member
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On KVM or dedicated, this wouldn't even be worth asking. So this question is reserved for OpenVZ.

I've got another strange desire with my LEB systems, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions as to the best way. What I want to do is take one OpenVZ vps and mount it as a folder on another vps. Obviously the intention isn't to treat it quite the same as local storage, especially when on different providers. The appeal is cosmetic in nature, and perhaps the challenge of just having done it.

The easiest solution I've found so far is SSHFS, but it requires Fuse enabled. Not a problem, but I'm wondering if anyone has an idea that doesn't involve any actions by the host.

Again, this isn't something I or anyone should "need" to do, I just want to for fun. Ideas? Laughs at my strange hobbies are acceptable as well.


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