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Hostigation Down?

Hostigation Down?

KairusKairus Member
edited June 2012 in Providers

Anyone else experiencing problems? My VPS is down and I can't reach the solus, or their website itself.


  • Charlotte is up. - The oldest post to host VPS provider
  • KairusKairus Member

    @dmmcintyre3 said: Charlotte is up.

    Ah, must be a problem at quadranet I assume.

  • debugdebug Member

    It's up. Must of rebooted something :P

    Hello, World.

  • KairusKairus Member

    @debug said: It's up. Must of rebooted something :P

    And there we go :P Haha, two threads on a 12 minute downtime, haha.

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  • miTgiBmiTgiB Member, Provider

    Was over by the time I looked into it after being paged

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